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Acrylics on Canvas, Triptych, 150x160cm

Paintings 2022/2023

Acrylics & Oil On Canvas

Abstract Landscape 2 - Vesna Milunovic

Abstract Landscapes

Oil On Canvas

I am in the world, 150x120 cm - Vesna Milunovic

Paintings 2016/2017

Oil On Canvas

Joy of spring gardens, 100x100 cm - Vesna Milunovic

Paintings 2009/2010

Oil on canvas

I'm a lullaby for everything in the world, 100x100 cm - Vesna Milunovic

Drawings 2009/2010


Embraced by the blue, 150x120 cm - Vesna Milunovic

Paintings 2005/2006

Oil On Canvas

The Sun is born in my Dream, 35x70 cm - Vesna Milunovic



Batik 10, 2003 - Vesna Milunovic

Batik Paintings

Batik Art